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Links to Friends & Fun Sites


Thanks, egoboy!

Thank you to Michael Cohen of MICHAEL'S HOUSE OF LINKS
for his tremendous assistance
and graciousness when dealing with a pest
who "just didn't get it!"
And Michael, now that I know you better,
I am so glad you took the time.
Thanks for being one of my best friends, too!


OrneryPest's Demented Diary

Richard Orange and the Eggmen

john's site
Fantasia's Homepage
Old Santa Claus' Page
Renee's Page
Rob's Station

Deacon Blues on Green Street

Leo's Lions Den
The Sphinx's Den

Chris's Home Page

Peripheral Visions

The Whorld
Winter Solitude


B.S.T. (Bunny SurvivalTest)
Draw Online
Personality Tests
Pitchford Place
Pi, The Movie

The Feathered Back Hair Site

The Room
The Wild Bohemian

Prof. Bubbles' "Official" Bubble Homepage

Rearranging the Fridge Magnets

Weird, Bizarre, Funny, and Engrossing

Squidly's Reef
Silver Screen Sirens
The Realm of Niftyness
Yesterday Land
The Bad Fads Museum
The Kodak Photo Quilt
The Color Quiz
Perpetual Bubblewrap
Atom Time
Illusion Works


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