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Welcome to my website.
My name is Lynda and I live in Houston, Texas
with my husband, Jerry, and our two dogs,
Greta and Gracie.

I work for a financial institution auditing car dealerships.

I have a variety of interests including art, reading,
gardening, snorkeling, and more.

Gotta love orange

I have several websites that I have created,
or frequent often, as well as a host of links
to fun, unusual, and helpful sites.

Botabano.....just what does that mean?  And why is
that the name of this website?

Part of my family is from The Cayman Islands.
Although the language is English, this particular
word, "botabano" (pronounced like, "got-a-canoe")
is one I just love.

It is the name for the shape a mother sea turtle
makes in the sand as she prepares to lay her

To me, it is like snow angels in the sand.

So, I named this site in honor of my heritage
and love of the islands and all things of the sea.

I also love "Bugs"

Maybe you are one of my online friends
and expect to see something in reference to my nickname, 'sparrow' or 'sparrow9'...  I imagine something will pop up eventually.  I don't know about the rest of you, but I answer as quickly to "sparrow" now as I do to "Lynda."
Funny how life goes sometimes.

  My first one looked just like this!  beep-beep!


Now I have bent your ear for while
(or should I say "eye"?)

I invite you to share my interests with me.

Go ahead and give Greta
a pat:

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